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This is MURDER


Deborah Nucatola - BABY BUTCHER
the Face of Planned Parenthood





The baby-killing industry.......
"Legally" (NOT; morally, ethically or humanely) Disposing 
of > 50 million "Blobs of Tissue" (boys and girls) 
and Uterine Contents Since 1973.... Hitler would have loved it!

You know in your heart that 
Life Begins at Conception


Stop Abortion Now




Stop Abortion Now














*******  Warning *******

>>>>>>>  Graphic content follows <<<<<<<

It's Not a Baby, it's a Blob of Tissue! 

It's Not a Baby, it's a Choice!

It's Not a Baby, it's a Fetus!

It's Not a Baby, it's "Uterine Contents!"

The baby-killing industry, "legally"
 murdering unborn babies since 1973!


See, this isn't a baby, it's only a blob of tissue.
This isn't a baby, it's only a Fetus.
This isn't baby, it's just the contents of your uterus!

This picture is a "Pro-Choice, Blob of Tissue, or 'Uterine Contents'
that were "disposed" of with the help of Planned "Parenthood"
and one of their friendly "medical doctors."


A Blob of Tissue that Wasn't Asked or Consulted With, 
and did NOT have a "Choice" in the "Procedure."

Physician's Certified Statement below, 
who has "examined the remains of aborted 'children.'"




If a person is formally declared "dead" 
when their heart stops beating.....

then, shouldn't a person be declared "alive" 
when their heart STARTS beating?!?

Wanted or unwanted, the baby's heart in the womb
is heard beating as early as 7 days after conception!


If the above "procedures" were done to any animal, of ANY kind, there would be "hell to pay" coming from the same people that are from the  "pro-death, pro-choice, ultra left extremists" who would DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE END to the "horrors" of killing animals in this manner!  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE FROM THESE SAME PEOPLE AT THE KILLING AND SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT BABIES THROUGH THE "CHOICE" TO MURDER??? What if we, the Pro-Life Americans and Christians here in America, were to begin aborting animals since we have a "choice" and a "right to privacy," NOT to be forced into raising another puppy, or kittie, or because it wasn't "convenient" at the time, or because there wasn't another person to help raise the puppies????

This is the reality, and "face" of "Choice" and those who are Pro-Choice/Anti-Life (Pro-Death), as well as Planned Parenthood, and Consumer Reports Magazine, who ALL refer to this innocent little one as a "fetus" or "UTERINE CONTENTS." 

The TRUTH is, this "was" a living baby with a heart that began beating 7 days after conception. This "was" a "person," someone's son or daughter, someone's grandson or granddaughter, someone's niece or nephew, someone's little brother or sister.

This is what happens to a baby when the baby's "mother" makes a "pro-choice." Being "Pro-Choice" means you are, in fact; Anti-Life, Pro-Death, and "playing God."


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The fact, and truth of the matter is, 
Life Begins at Conception!"

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” 
Edmund Burke




Stop Abortion Now



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